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New York, NY – ( NewMediaWire[1] ) – September 21, 2020 – Contrary to misunderstandings, did you know that most websites that sell for a hundred thousand dollars or more are sold not only by big companies but the majority are typical people just like you? Domain flipping may sound as complicated as it gets but we do know that many who tried to invest in website buy and sell ventures earn large sums of money.

PR Rage V2.0 Review

PR Rage V2.0[2] is a software that helps you locate low selling domains that you can then sell for higher prices. This may sound so simple at first but doing this manually can cost you so much time. That is why using this software to search domains for you is a good investment if you want to delve more into domain flipping. There are a lot of websites that were already bought and sold for higher prices, one example is the that was sold for over $500,000 thanks to PR Rage V2.0[3].

Domain Flipping really is not an easy task if you don’t seek the help of some software. Luckily by using PR Rage V2.0[4],[5] all you need to do is follow 3 steps. The first is to input the domain that your searching and the software will automatically scan the web for possible profitable domains. Next is to collect the domains found and it’s your call to either sell it or rent it. This simplified method assures profit by just some clicks of a button. You might even consider that this PR Rage V2.0[6] can make you an instant domain flipping entrepreneur overnight.

How Does PR Rage V2.0 Works

The secret behind PR Rage V2.0[7] efficiency lies in the fact that it can search inside the GoDaddy domain database. GoDaddy is a large database for domains and should you search inside the database manually on your own, it will take you too much time. PR Rage V2.0[8] makes the search very simple and fast. It searches through keywords to narrow down specific domains and that you can then sell for a higher price. Be fast on your decisions though as some domains may not be as profitable as time passes.

However, if you would ask how you would know if a domain has potential earnings, don’t worry as PR Rage V2.0[9] also checks if the domain is profitable enough by checking some analytics and data. You don’t have to do the research yourself as this software automatically records these data on the app itself. The software also includes filtering for searches like the age of the domain. You can also search by using extensions like .com, .net, .uk and more. If you’re not knowledgeable enough to know if a domain has value or not, the PR Rage V2.0[10] has its own option to include the estimated values on the details of the searched domain. The software also has its own auction window where you can decide whether you would sell, bid, or buy other domains in various platforms available.

What to Expect When You Use PR Rage V2.0

PR Rage V2.0[11] despite its simple look is actually a very powerful software for searching domains. Since the range of the software is very broad and includes multiple filters, you can expect to fully search out domains of your preference very accurately. The filters for searches include backlinks, social signals, valuation and even the number of daily traffics. These metrics are important if you want to consider buying or bidding for a certain domain.

Even without prior experience with domain flipping, you can easily use PR Rage V2.0[12]. With simplistic application design and a user-friendly UI, you won’t need to do much with using the software as it will automatically do its job with some simple button clicks. This software makes the process of domain flipping very simple with just a few steps. The software also includes training videos about searching for domains and other important topics if you want to further indulge yourself in the industry.

PR Rage V2.0 Pricing

The basic software is currently priced at $47 complete with all the default features. However, if you are willing to pay for extra cash then we highly suggest getting their other plug-ins that have their own set of functions.

Protect Rage which costs $29 is a plug-in that protects all of your domains and backlinks saved in the PR Rage V2.0[13] software. It prevents broken links and 404 errors. Since a lot of money can be potentially lost due to these common problems, this plug-in is highly advisable.

Content Rage is also advisable which currently costs $67. This add-on is a smart program that automatically adds content to any domain that you want, basically, you don’t need to hire a content writer. In the long run, this plug-in can save you a lot of money.

Lastly, is the Resellers License costing $97? This is to allow you to sell PR Rage V2.0[14] to others through social media and other platforms.

PR Rage V2.0 Review: Final Conclusion

Investing in an online venture is a rising industry full of opportunities that need to be harnessed. Domain flipping is one of the most profitable of these but in reality, it is no simple task. That is where PR Rage V2.0[15] will be much of use. With this software, you can start domain flipping without prior experience. The software also includes other plug-ins that can help you a lot when it comes to decision making in buying or selling domains. With proper execution and the help of PR Rage V2.0[16], you can turn practically any low value domains into a bag full of profit.

Visit the PR Rage V2.0 official website to get to know more about the software.[17]


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