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DotVentures, President- Dale Merritt, reveals a shocking revelation about domain name investing and how investors and businesses alike, are possibly passing on the best and most undervalued domain name, or “sleepers” as he calls them. According to Mr. Merritt, DotVentures is poised to take advantage of a common misperception about what makes a domain name valuable. “A well chosen domain name can make or break an online business, especially one that isn’t flush with money to build an online brand out of the domain name. Google didn’t become a popular search engine because of their name. The value they created was in their business model and technology, not in the name, at least not at first. Many people are buying domain names for the brand potential only. This in my opinion is very risky and that mentality can’t survive in an online world. A cool or catchy name is no more valuable to me then a billboard sitting in my basement.”

According to Merritt, less than 1% of domain names are being purchased with a succinct search engine marketing plan in mind. This is the exact opposite of what should be happening. 80 or 90% of web traffic comes from search engines and when you pick a domain name you should know how that will affect your ability to market. People buy domain names for a variety of reasons, but believe it or not, it is very rare that people take into account the search engine indexing process and the fact that the domain name is very influential in determining site relevancy, to search engine spiders. Isn’t that why you buy a domain name, to attach them to a website and hopefully attract visitors? You’re really missing the point if you pick a domain name just because it sounds cool or catchy, or because it has 4 or 5 characters. How many times the domain name is “naturally” searched is the better value to me. This knowledge is the basis of the ultimate money making opportunity on the Internet right now.”

Mr. Merritt says that “there is a new Internet Gold Rush” happening right now of which is taking place because of a “new breakthrough technology” that his company has decided to invest in, and it just may revolutionize online marketing and how people invest in domain names. “If you have the right domain name, it can be the difference between success and failure, period. A catchy name looks good in print, but doesn’t market well to search engines.

According to Mr. Merritt, after market sale prices are skyrocketing. Ever increasing interest in the Internet has spiraled domain prices to new stratospheric heights. “Average” names commonly sell for upwards of $10,000 while better names can sell for tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars. Case and point-, recently selling for $7.5 million.

Investing in Internet domains are being considered the new 21st century real estate market. But consider this, the average profit from selling a domain name after just two years is almost four hundred percent! How does physical real estate compare? The average house price went up seven percent in 2005 across the entire country. In the Top Ten hottest real estate markets the same increase was only thirteen percent. As business opportunities go, this is hands down the best money making opportunity on the Internet. In fact, this process of choosing domain names is the foundation for any home based business idea.

Mr. Merritt’s Company- DotVentures has a particularly innovative approach to domain speculating. People with limited experience may want to take a look at them. DotVentures works with domain buyers in a unique way. They have a catalog of good long domain names which already appraise for thousands of dollars and that they think will significantly appreciate over the next two years. Some examples might be, and many others. Through their clout, DotVentures ( is able to offer these domain names to buyers for half of their appraised value. DotVentures then builds a fully optimized website around that domain linking it with relevant affiliate programs. The addition of a functioning website adds equity to the domain and linking it with a strong affiliate partner adds value. Additionally, they also have a patent-pending technology that they infuse each site with that helps drive it to the top of the search engines. This radically increases traffic to the site. Traffic = $$$$$$$ in the world of domain speculation.

Over the two year incubation period, the buyer gets 100% of the income from the affiliate program that the site is linked with. This can be a steady stream of income. Within twenty-four months, the domain is put up for sale with DotVentures and the buyer splitting the proceeds. This is a unique way to capitalize upon this hot market while minimizing risk. Interested parties can call Pat Gilbert- Director of Domain Purchasing at: (888) 771-2976 x2004

Dale Merritt concludes with: “Domain name speculation should be taken for what it is: a potential business opportunity. Like all business opportunities, the profits will be dependent upon the wisdom and decision making skills of the investor.”

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